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A Young Time Ago

With a title that calls forth memories of a Tales by Moonlight story-time, A Young Time Ago maintains the feelings of warmth brought upon by a warm cuddly story told amongst friends with a backdrop of a rainy day, a warm fire, and a hot cup of cocoa.

It’s the story of Tayo (Daniel Etim-Effiong) who in current time is working as a restaurant manager for a man he met at a low time of his life, Uncle Gabriel (Wale Ojo). Uncle G, as he is fondly called, attempts to hook him up with his ‘niece’ (Sandra Okunzuwa) but in the course of their ‘date’ he ends up telling her his sad life story about his one true love Kemi (Sophie Alakija). Apparently, back in his university days young Tayo (Mofeyintola Jebutu) was head over heels in love with Kemi (Tolu Osaile) who barely spared a thought for him. Kemi was preoccupied with thoughts of becoming a musician and was trying to get in with magic (Timini Egbuson), the young star on campus who already had a song out with the popular musician D’banj. In her attempt to get familiar, she ends up as a pawn in the devil’s game – quite literally. A game that leads to bloodshed and other dire consequences.

The storytelling in “A Young Time Ago” immerses you completely. It transports you from the present to a bygone era of Nollywood storytelling, where tales created their own captivating universe. It’s a world that keeps the audience enchanted, reluctant to part ways. The perfectly matched music, the actors’ seamless performances, the costumes, settings and little elements of the times, and various other elements orchestrated by the production team harmoniously combine to ensnare the viewer within this enchanting world. Ultimately, “A Young Time Ago” does have its share of issues. However, when it comes to the fundamental goal of movies, which is to evoke lasting emotions, this film succeeds admirably. By the conclusion, you’ll find yourself genuinely fond of all the characters on screen and genuinely pleased for those who rightfully deserve happiness

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