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                                                           50 Cent Photo

50 Cent has filed a lawsuit against plastic surgeon Angela Kogan and her business Perfection Plastic Surgery, for using his image to market the brand. The rapper sued Kogan in September of last year, alleging that she exploited a picture that she allegedly took as a fan to advertise Perfection Plastic Surgery.

The rapper asserts that the photograph incorrectly suggests that he(50 cent) underwent a penis enlargement treatment, which exposed him to mockery.

Addressing the lawsuit Kogan lawyers wrote, “It is clear from the photo itself that the taking thereof was not a random happenstance or unsolicited occasion. The content of the photo shows [50 Cent] in [Kogan’s’] office, next to [Kogan] in her role as a businesswoman/aesthetician (i.e. in professional attire).

Thus, it is disingenuous.. to claim or allege that [50 Cent] – who wishes for the court to believe randomly stumbled into a medspa without purpose or specific intent – agreed to take the photo under the ‘sole impression that [Kogan] was a fan seeking the photograph for her private and personal enjoyment.”

They continued, “Neither the photo itself, nor the caption thereof, purports to show the use of the photo in direct promotion with any commercial product or service (i.e. offered medspa treatments, products, endorsement of plastic surgery services, endorsement of penile enhancement services, etc.”

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